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Lessons:-Unit Testing

Unit Testing
Unit testing can be a very useful tool for a web developer. It can be used to check whether
adding a feature, or modifying the codebase in some way has accidentally altered another feature,
causing it to fail. Some developers even practice Test-Driven Development (TDD), where tests
are written before the code to ensure that the code being written meets all requirements.
Laravel provides the tests directory to contain all of your applications tests, and even adds a
helper command to Artisan the CLI interface for running PHPUnit test cases.
Not only can the application be tested, but bundles can also contain their own test suites. In fact
Laravel has a bundle devoted to testing the core features of the framework, it can be found in
the Laravel tests github repository¹.
16.1 Installation
No we’re not going to cover the Laravel installation again!
Laravel uses the PHPUnit software to execute its tests, before we can use the unit testing features
of Laravel we will need to install this software.
Installation of PHPUnit can vary from operating system to operating system, therefore I think it
would be best to look at the official documentation for PHP Unit to find installation instructions.
You will find the installation page here².



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