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Lessons:- Planning the Application

Planning the Application

In this section, we’ll outline our plans for the demo application. As in Section 1.2.3, we’ll start by generating the application skeleton using the rails command:

cd   ̃/rails projects
$  rails new demo app
cd demo app


Next, we’ll use a text editor to update the Gemfile needed by Bundler with the contents of Listing 2.1.


Note that Listing 2.1 is identical to Listing 1.5 except for the addition of a gem needed in production at Heroku:

group  :production  do
     gem 'pg', '0.12.2'


The pg gem is needed to access PostgreSQL (‘‘post-gres-cue-ell’’), the database used byHeroku.

We then install and include the gems using the bundle install command:

bundle  install  --without  production


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