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Lessons:- Showing Microposts

  Showing Microposts

Although we don’t yet have a way to create microposts through the web—that comes in Section 10.3.2—that won’t stop us from displaying them (and testing that display). Following Twitter’s lead, we’ll plan to display a user’s microposts not on a separate microposts index page, but rather directly on the user show page itself, as mocked up in Figure 10.4. We’ll start with fairly simple ERb templates for adding a micropost display to the user profile, and then we’ll add microposts to the sample data populator from Section 9.3.2 so that we have something to display.

        As with the discussion of the signin machinery in Section 8.2.1, Section 10.2.1 will often push several elements onto the stack at a time, and then pop them off one by one. If you start getting bogged down, be patient; there’s some nice payoff in Section 10.2.2.


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