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Lessons:- Sample Following Data

  A Web Interface for Following Users

In the introduction to this chapter, we saw a preview of the page flow for user following. In this section, we will implement the basic interface and following/unfollowing functionality shown in those mockups. We will also make separate pages to show the user following and followers arrays. In Section 11.3, we’ll complete our sample application by adding the user’s status feed.


  Sample Following Data

As in previous chapters, we will find it convenient to use the sample data Rake task to fill the database with sample relationships. This will allow us to design the look and feel of the web pages first, deferring the back-end functionality until later in this section.

When we last left the sample data populator in Listing 10.23, it was getting rather cluttered, so we begin by defining separate methods to make users and microposts, and then add sample relationship data using a new make_relationships method. The results are shown in Listing 11.17




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