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Lessons:-How to connect your Client (Mongo Shell) to a ReplicaSet?

How to connect your Client (Mongo Shell) to a ReplicaSet?

No Mutual SSL

In this example, we might use the CA File (ca.pem) that you generated during the "How to configure a ReplicaSet to support TLS/SSL?" section. We will assume that the CA file is located in your current folder.

We will assume that your 3 nodes are running on mongo1:27017, mongo2:27018 and mongo3:27019. (You might need to modify your /etc/hosts file.)

From MongoDB 3.2.6, if your CA File is registered in your Operating System Trust Store, you can connect to your ReplicaSet without providing the CA File.

You are now connected to your ReplicaSet and all the transactions between your Mongo Shell and your ReplicaSet are encrypted.

With Mutual SSL

If your ReplicaSet asks for a Client Certificate, you must provide one signed by the CA used by the ReplicaSet Deployment. The steps to generate the Client Certificate are almost the same as the ones to generate the Server Certificate.

Indeed, you just need to modify the Common Name Field during the CSR creation. Instead of providing 1 Node Hostname in the Common Name Field, you need to provide all the ReplicaSet Hostnames separated by a comma.

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