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Lessons:-Hello World

Hello World

After installation process, the following lines should be entered in mongo shell (client terminal).

> ({ "speech" : "Hello World!" });
> cur = db. world.find ();;print(x [ "speech" ] );


Hello World! 


  • In the first line, we have inserted a  { key : value }  paired document in the default database test  and in the collection named  world
  • In the second line we retrieve the data we have just inserted. The retrieved data is kept in a javascript variable named  cur. Then by the  next() function, we retrieved the first and only document and kept it in another js variable named x. Then printed the value of the document providing the key.
Anil  Bist

Skills    Mongodb

Qualifications :- High School - SLV, College/University - Graphic Era Deemed Univ University,
Location :-Dehradun,Dehradun,Uttarakhand,India

in 2006, i Join a web development company in Bangalore and start work on "Ruby on Rail" this is my first web development framework and we worked in this framework and develop four to five project after some time , I moved to JEE/Sturst frame work,

After some time i decided that now times come and I have to go on in my own way and I started a company name is "Soarlogic&q


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