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Lessons:-More update operators

More update operator

You can use other operators besides You can use other operators besides  $set  when updating a document. The  $push  operator allows you to push a
value into an array, in this case we will add a new nickname to the  nicknames  array. when updating a document.

db. people.update ( { name: 'Tom' }, { $push: { nicknames: 'Tommy' } } )
//  This adds the string  'Tommy'  into the nicknames array in Tom's document.


The $pull  operator is the opposite of $push, you can pull specific items from arrays. 

db. people.update ( { name: 'Tom' }, { $pull: { nicknames:  'Tommy' } } )
//  This removes the string 'Tommy' from the nicknames array in Tom's document.


The  $pop  operator allows you to remove the first or the last value from an array. Let's say Tom's document has a property called siblings that has the value  [ 'Marie''Bob' 'Kevin' 'Alex' ]. 


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