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Querying for Data (Getting Started)

Basic querying examples


db. collection . find ( { } );

retrieve documents in a collection using a condition ( similar to WHERE in MYSQL )

db. collection.find  ( { key: value } );
    db. users . find ( { email: "" } );


retrieve documents in a collection using Boolean conditions (Query Operators) 


more boolean operations and examples can be found here

NOTE:  find()  will keep on searching the collection even if a document match has been found , therefore it is inefficient when used in a large collection , however by carefully modeling your data and/or using indexes you can increase the efficiency of find()

Anil  Bist

Skills    Mongodb

Qualifications :- High School - SLV, College/University - Graphic Era Deemed Univ University,
Location :-Dehradun,Dehradun,Uttarakhand,India

I started my Professional Journey in 2006 with one of the Web Development Company in Bangalore and my 1st framework was "Ruby on Rail" as Web development and delivered around 5+ Projects using this platform. Then came another dimension as JEE/Sturst framework, Gradually I realized that I want to build something on my own and give my passion and energy on creating something different a


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