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Lessons:-Sharding Environment Setup

Mongo as Shards

Sharding Environment Setup

Sharding Group Members :

For sharding there are three players.
1. Config Server
2. Replica Sets
3. Mongos

            For a mongo shard we need to setup the above three servers.

Config Server Setup : add the following to mongod conf file

run :  mongod --config

we can choose config server as replica set or may be a standalone server. Based on our requirement we can choose the best. If config need to run in replica set we need to follow the replica set setup

Replica Setup : Create replica set // Please refer the replica setup
MongoS Setup : Mongos is main setup in shard. Its is query router to access all replica sets

     Add the following in mongos conf file


Configure Shared :

Connect the mongos via shell (mongo --host --port )

1. sh.addShard( "/")
2. sh.enableSharding("")
3. sh.shardCollection("< database >.< collection >", { < key > : < direction > } )
4. sh.status() // To ensure the sharding

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