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  Signup Form

Now that we have a working (although not yet complete) user profile page, we’re ready to make a signup form for our site. We saw in Figure 5.9 (shown again in Figure 7.10) that the signup page is currently blank: useless for signing up new users. The goal of this section is to start changing this sad state of affairs by producing the signup form mocked up in Figure 7.11.

Since we’re about to add  the ability to create new users through the web, let’s remove the user created at the console in Section 6.3.5. The cleanest way to do this is to reset the database with the db:reset Rake task:

bundle exec rake db:reset


  After resetting the database, on some systems the test database needs to be re-prepared as well:

$   bundle  exec  rake  db:test:prepare




Neha  Jaggi

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