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Lessons:- Updating Users

Updating, Showing, and Deleting Users

In this chapter, we will complete the REST actions for the Users resource (Table 7.1) by adding edit, update, index, and destroy actions. We’ll start by giving users the ability to update their profiles, which will also provide a natural opportunity to enforce a security model (made possible by the authorization code in Chapter 8). Then we’ll make a listing of all users (also requiring authorization), which will motivate the introduction of sample data and pagination. Finally, we’ll add the ability to destroy users, wiping them clear from the database. Since we can’t allow just any user to have such dangerous powers, we’ll take care to create a privileged class of administrative users (admins) authorized to delete other users

          To get started, let’s start work on an updating-users topic branch:

git checkout -b updating-users


  Updating Users  

The pattern for editing user information closely parallels that for creating new users (Chapter 7). Instead of a new action rendering a view for new users, we have an edit action rendering a view to edit users; instead of create responding to a POST request, we have an update action responding to a PUT request (Box 3.2). The biggest difference is that, while anyone can sign up, only the current user should be able to update his information. This means that we need to enforce access control so that only authorized users can edit and update; the authentication machinery from Chapter 8 will allow us to use a before filter to ensure that this is the case

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