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Lessons:- Micropost Refinements

  Micropost Refinements

The test in Listing 10.9 of the has_many association doesn’t test for much—it merely verifies the existence of a microposts attribute. In this section, we’ll add ordering and dependency to microposts, while also testing that the user.microposts method actually returns an array of microposts.

     We will need to construct some microposts in the User model test, which means that we should make a micropost factory at this point. To do this, we need a way to make an association in Factory Girl. Happily, this is easy, as seen in Listing 10.12.



Here we tell Factory Girl about the micropost’s associated user just by including a user in the definition of the factory:


As we’ll see in the next section, this allows us to define factory microposts as follows:

FactoryGirl . create ( : micropost, user: @user, created at: 1. day.ago)


Default Scope

By default, using user.microposts to pull a user’s microposts from the database makes no guarantees about the order of the posts, but (following the convention of blogs and Twitter) we want the microposts to come out in reverse order of when they were created, i.e., most recent first. To test this ordering, we first create a couple of microposts as follows:  

FactoryGirl.create (:micropost, user: @user, created at:
FactoryGirl.create (:micropost, user: @user, created at: 1.hour.ago)
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