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Lessons:- Sample Microposts

  Sample Microposts

With all the work making templates for user microposts in Section 10.2.1, the ending was rather anticlimactic. We can rectify this sad situation by adding microposts to the sample populator from Section 9.3.2. Adding sample microposts for all the users actually takes a rather long time, so first we’ll select just the first six users3 using the :limit option to the User.all method:4

users = User.all ( limit: 6)


We then make 50 microposts for each user (plenty to overflow the pagination limit of 30), generating sample content for each micropost using the Faker gem’s handy Lorem.sentence method. (Faker::Lorem.sentence returns lorem ipsum text; as noted in Chapter 6, lorem ipsum has a fascinating back story.) The result is the new sample data populator shown in Listing 10.23.



Of course, to generate the new sample data we have to run the db:populate Rake task:

bundle exec  rake  db:reset
bundle exec  rake  db:populate
$  bundle exec  rake  db:test:prepare



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