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We’ve come a long way since introducing the Users controller way back in Section 5.4. Those users couldn’t even sign up; now users can sign up, sign in, sign out, view their profiles, edit their settings, and see an index of all users—and some can even destroy other users.

      The rest of this book builds on the foundation of the Users resource (and associated authorization system) to make a site with Twitter-like microposts (Chapter 10) and a status feed of posts from followed users (Chapter 11). These chapters will introduce some of the most powerful features of Rails, including data modeling with has_many and has_many through.

                   Before moving on, be sure to merge all the changes into the master branch:

$  git add .
$  git commit -m   "Finish user edit, update, index, and destroy actions"
$  git checkout master
$  git merge updating-users


You can also deploy the application and even populate the production database with sample users (using the pg:reset task to reset the production database):

$  git push heroku
heroku pg:reset SHARED DATABASE --confirm <name-heroku-gave-to-your-app>
heroku run rake db:migrate
heroku run rake db:populate


(If you forgot the name of the Heroku app, just run heroku pg:reset SHARED_DATABASE by itself and Heroku will remind you.)
     It’s also worth noting that this chapter saw thelast of the necessary gem installations. For reference, the final Gemfile is shown in Listing 9.49. 



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