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Lessons:- Sessions Controller

Sessipn Controller

The tests initially fail, as required:

bundle  exec  rspec spec/


To get the tests in Listing 8.1 to pass, we first need to define routes for the Sessions resource, together with a custom named route for the signin page (which we’ll map to the Session controller’s new action). As with the Users resource, we can use the resources method to define the standard RESTful routes:  

resources :sessions, only: [:new, :create, :destroy]


  Since we have no need to show or edit sessions, we’ve restricted the actions to new, create, and destroy using the :only option accepted by resources. The full result, including named routes for signin and signout, appears in Listing 8.2.



Note the use of via: :delete for the signout route, which indicated that it should be invoked using an HTTP DELETE request.

            The resources defined in Listing 8.2 provide URIs and actions similar to those for users (Table 7.1), as shown in Table 8.1. Note that the routes for signin and signout are custom, but the route for creating a session is simply the default (i.e., [resource name]_path).

             The next step to get the tests in Listing 8.1 to pass is to add a new action to the Sessions controller, as shown in Listing 8.3 (which also defines the create and destroy actions for future reference).


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