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Lessons:- A Proto-feed

  A Proto-feed

The comment at the end of Section 10.3.2 alluded to a problem: The current Home page doesn’t display any microposts. If you like, you can verify that the form shown in Figure 10.11 is working by submitting a valid entry and then navigating to the profile page to see the post, but that’s rather cumbersome. It would be far better to have a feed of microposts that includes the user’s own posts, as mocked up in Figure 10.13. (In Chapter 11, we’ll generalize this feed to include the microposts of users being followed by the current user.)



Since each user should have a feed, we are led naturally to a feed method in the User model. Eventually, we will test that the feed returns the microposts of the users being followed, but for now we’ll just test that the feed method includes the current user’s microposts but excludes the posts of a different user. We can express these requirements in code with Listing 10.38.


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